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Full Service/Clean and Clear

Our complete pool and spa care programs are affordable and are designed to set you free from the work and worry of routine maintenance. We know that customers needs vary and that each pool is unique requiring special attention to various details. We have a maintenance program that can meet your needs. 

  • Weekly visits year-round:  Your service visits are scheduled on the same day each week and are routinely within a particular time frame. Service you can count on!
  • The entire pool thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom and end to end:  Brushing, netting, leaves and debris vacuumed, skimmer baskets emptied, pool sweep bag cleaned and much more, depending on the needs of your pool we do what’s necessary to get it clean from top to bottom.
  • Water chemistry analysis: We routinely test six elements of pool water chemistry in order to determine what chemical adjustments are necessary for your pool.
  • Chemicals and algaecides:  We have all the various chemicals on our service trucks that may be needed to balance your pool water chemistry; soda ash, conditioner, acid, algae killers and inhibitors, clarifiers, various forms of chlorine and much more. Properly balanced pool water is clear, sanitary and safe.  
  • Filter equipment maintenance: At each visit your pool equipment is turned on and inspected. Various adjustments are made as needed; timers are adjusted, salt/chlorine generator settings are checked, pump baskets are cleaned and the filter is backwashed as needed. All of the equipment is checked to make sure that it’s working properly and to see if any problems are developing. Preventative maintenance can easily solve problems when they are small.
Our Full Service is a complete pool maintenance program designed to set our customers free from all of the routine maintenance responsibilities. Let us keep your pool Clean and Clear!

Monthly rates for Full Service start at $125  for most residential pools. 

Improper pool care can cost you valuable time and money. Our promise to you is a Clean and Clear pool for your family to enjoy anytime, every time. Enjoy the peace of mind.

Please call our office at 559-688-4657 or use our Service Request Form to make an appointment to discuss your pool care needs with us.
Swim Healthy- Swim Happy!
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