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I’m Dreaming of…Pool Equipment?

I admit it, after working in the swimming pool business for over thirty years you could say I’m just a little obsessed…dreaming of pool equipment? 

When I look at a customer’s pool my first thought is “how does it look?”  Is the water crystal clear, is the water color bright and appealing, and is the plaster surface attractive? I love to walk into my customer’s backyard and see a pool that looks beautiful.

It takes two things to make a pool look beautiful: chemistry and filtration. I will discuss chemistry another time, for now “I’m dreaming of pool equipment.”  The pool water quality is very dependant on the filtration equipment. I see a lot of pool equipment on old pools and on new pools. Nine times out of ten, it’s not the pool equipment I am dreaming of. All pool equipment is not created equal.

When I say filtration equipment, I mean all of the mechanical equipment that circulates and cleans the pool water, i.e. pool sweeps, pumps, motors, filters, timers, plumbing, chlorinators, heaters, etc.

There are two things about pool equipment that are important: quality and efficiency. With most new equipment, quality is not an issue. The major manufacturers of pool equipment do a pretty good job of making products that are sound and made of high quality materials. The primary question then is efficiency!

Efficiency is what gets the job done. The pool water is sanitary and beautiful and the customer has spent the least amount of money necessary.

What I mean is this: Does this piece of pool equipment do what it was intended to do in the best way possible and is the result the best it can be? I am dreaming of equipment that is capable of making the pool water look great, equipment that is very energy efficient, and equipment that has longevity and durability. I also want equipment that needs a minimum of maintenance. Best results, efficiency, durability and low maintenance.

Every pool situation is different and equipment needs vary. Just because your neighbor has a particular piece of equipment doesn’t mean it’s the best equipment for your pool. Consult a professional that you trust.

The following list is the pool equipment I am dreaming of. I know opinions and preferences vary. I am giving you my professional opinion. If your opinion differs from mine, then we may have an opportunity to learn something from one another. Your comments are welcome at

Pool Filter 

Filtration Pump

Pool and Spa Heater

Salt Chlorine Generators

Pool Equipment Controller

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