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Stormy Weather
The winter weather sometimes forces us to make abrupt changes in our service schedule. When it rains, we will make every effort to service your pool on the usual day. If we are unable to thoroughly clean your pool because of the rain, we will balance the chemicals and check the filter equipment for any problems. Your pool will be cleaned at the next scheduled service visit. We will do our best to maintain your pool even when the weather is a problem.
Freezing Weather 
Freezing temperatures, 25 degrees or below, can cause serious damage to your pool filter equipment. The simplest solution is to turn the filter equipment on and let it run all night. In most cases, the water moving through the filter equipment will not freeze. This may add a little extra expense to your electric bill, but it could save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills. If you don't know how to turn the equipment on, we will be happy to show you. Please don't hesitate to ask. 

Vacation Time
Per our service agreement with our full service customers only, we will take three days off during the year.  Typically this is during the off-season, November through February. If your pool has not been serviced in a given week, we didn’t forget you. We’re hopefully relaxing in the sunshine on some exotic shore. We will be back on the job the next week.

Avoid Trouble
Many people tend to ignore their pool during the winter months. But, DON'T FORGET THE WATER LEVEL! You may still have to add water to your pool occasionally. A low water level can cause serious damage to the filter equipment. Nobody really wants a new pump for Christmas.
Thank You!
We want you to know that we appreciate your goodwill toward us. We have a job because you chose us to work for you. Serving you is not something we take for granted. It's important that we do our best each day to satisfy your needs. We are always aware that you have a choice. Thank you for choosing us. 

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