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Pool Care – Is It Worth It?

You bet! Proper cleaning and regular maintenance not only keep your pool beautiful ─ they protect your financial investment … and the safety of you, your family and friends. Whether you “do it yourself” or rely on a professional pool service company, a clean pool is a healthier and happier pool for everyone involved.


Even if your pool has an automatic pool cleaner, your pool should be physically cleaned at least once a week to remove dirt and debris. Brush, net and vacuum the areas of the pool that the pool cleaner has not cleaned. If your pool cleaner has a leaf bag clean it, also clean the skimmer basket. Keep the surrounding deck clean by regularly removing trash, sweeping and rinsing.


The filter, one of your pool’s most important pieces of equipment, is designed to remove visible debris and most microscopic matter. Check the filter pressure gauge, is it at the correct pressure? It may be time to backwash or to take the filter apart and physically clean it. Also make sure that water is flowing through the pump freely, clean the pump basket and check to see if the pump impeller is clogged with debris.


The timers for the pool equipment determine the length of time the filtration equipment will operate. The length of time necessary to keep the pool sanitary and clean varies depending on a number of factors. Water in motion makes it difficult for bacteria and algae to take hold. It also moves debris for capture by the filter. Be sure the timers are set for the correct number of hours.


Pool water should be regularly tested, measured and adjusted. Testing should be done for total alkalinity, calcium hardness, conditioner, salinity, pH and sanitizer levels. Why? Many factors constantly change the water quality, including frequency of use, number of swimmers, product application and even the weather. If imbalances continue over time, the water becomes unsanitary, pool surfaces can become damaged and equipment can fail. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using test kits and chemicals. Many local pool supply stores will help you through this process or contact a professional pool service provider.

Swim Healthy – Swim Happy!

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